EBIC prerequisites

EBIC requires CUDA Toolkit and C++11 environment to be installed. Please make sure that your computer may run CUDA.

Find out your graphic card and check if it is supported on NVIDIA website.

You won't be able to run EBIC if your graphic card is not supported.

NVIDIA driver installation

Start with installing NVIDIA driver for your graphic card.

Find the latest NVIDIA driver at NVIDIA's Download Website

CUDA Toolkit installation

Follow NVIDIA tutorial for CUDA. Install the latest supported CUDA Toolkit for your platform.

GCC 4.6+ installation

Windows users may also require to install a GCC 4.6+ or newer compiler in order to run C++11 code. The easiest way is downloading the MinGW-w64.

EBIC compilation

In order to prepare a binary type:



nvcc -O3 -std=c++11 --expt-extended-lambda -Xcompiler -fopenmp --default-stream per-thread  main.cxx population.cxx dataIO.cxx EBIC.cu -L/usr/local/cuda/lib -lcuda -o ebic

If the command completed successfully, you are ready to go!